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Kandrick Tea Beverages Lanka is a subsidiary of Neelagiri Tea Company( Pvt) Ltd., a family owned tea re-packer and exporter with roots that date back to the early 1970s, when Don Siriyapala first ventured into the tea trade of Sri Lanka. Today, Neelagiri is an established brand in the minds of Sri Lankan tea drinkers. We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, when Don Siriyapala with his family and friends re-packed tea manually for sale to local consumers. It is the fortitude and belief of Don Siriyapala that ensured Neelagiri Tea prospered to its current standing in the Sri Lankan Tea industry.

The Company’s expertise is developed on a legacy of determination to succeed, while ensuring our products meet the highest quality standards. The growth of Neelagiri Tea over the years has propelled the Company to focus on furthering its reach in overseas markets. Resultantly, Kandrick Tea Beverages Lanka was established in January 2017 with the strategic purpose to build a unique brand to cater to international tea markets.

Today, Neelagiri Tea and Kandrick Tea offer our exacting customers a wide range of Pure Ceylon Teas. Keeping to current trends flavoured teas and teas in bags, boxes and tins are also offered. It is our vision to cater to all types of tea drinkers the world over. We will continue in this path and establish both Neelagiri Tea and Kandrick Tea as household brands providing the finest quality tea at the highest standards, to meet the tastes and demands of our customers.

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